My Biography

Both Pete Bandit and Jason Shae have been playing music for over a decade. They got infected with the ‘virus’ after hearing their first tracks over at a friends house and they’ve been ‘sick’ ever since. The first years it was techno, techno and techno. Looking up to guys like Plastikman, James Ruskin and Speedy J, it was understandable that they also made the transition to minimal, or microhouse like it was called back in the 2003 days.

Pete Bandit & Jason Shae kept on exploring their own personal tastes of music and playing records was the best way to do so. They found each other in a mix of French funk, Chicago house and stripped down Berlin house. The duo’s fame as DJs is growing larger gig by gig. Stealing the heart of every party freak, bass addict and music lover with a great, steady, rocking groove that takes us back to the Chicago, Miami and New York sounds from the past. Their careers are blooming, but their potentials haven’t fully been used yet; without doubt we will hear a lot more from these two in the following years!