Event details

  • DATE /3 December 2016
  • TIME /21:30 - 07:00
  • ADDRESS /Sporthallen Zuid, Amsterdam

Line up

Area 1: Pandemonium (Early Rave & Early Hardcore)
Ruffneck vs. Leviathan
Marc Acardipane a.k.a.PCP
Frantic Freak
Rob Gee vs. Lenny Dee
Shadowlands Terrorists Live
MD&A (Live)
The Stunned Guys
Miss Zelda
Cek vs. Darkraver
Hosted by: MC Da Mouth of Madness
MC Axys

Area 2: Paradox (Millennium Hardcore)
Mad Dog vs. AniMe
Evil Activities vs. The Viper
Promo vs.Tha Playah
N-Vitral vs. Thrasher
Ophidian vs. The Outside Agency
Meccano Twins vs. Tommyknocker
Nosferatu vs. Catscan
Amada vs. Sequence
Hosted by: MC Jeff
MC Axys

Area 3: Nocturnal (Frenchcore):
Radium vs. The Speed Freak
Maissouille vs. AdrenoKrome
The Braindrillerz vs. Le Bask
Pattern J Live
Sirio vs. Bit Reactors
SRB vs. Johnny Napalm
Randy vs. Progamers
The Sawerz Live
Psiko vs. D-Tracker

Area 4: Falcon (Uptempo Hardcore):
ToXic Inside vs. Khaoz Kate vs. Rampaged
Naughty Kicks
Wars Industry vs. Azilyum (Mental Chaos)
A-Kriv vs. Miss Enemy
Aggressive vs. Cryogenic
Unleashed Fury

Area 5: Chamber of Terror (Early Terror & Terror):
Noisekick vs. The Destroyer(early set)
Tripped (Live)
Deterrent man
Ingler a.k.a. Laurent Hô vs. Dano
Gabba Front Berlin
The Dj Producer vs. Deathmachine
Simon Underground
Goetia vs. Da Rushstyler
Dj Terror (live)
The Vizitor


Pandemonium will hit this year (3-12-2016) their 20th edition at the iconic location: The Sporthallen Zuid in Amsterdam.
Once again Pandemonium will open its doors for 10.000 visitors from all around the world who share their one and only passion: Hardcore music!

Ticketsale will start on Saturday 28th of May at 12:00
The first 100 Regular tickets will receive a V.I.P. upgrade and a limited edition T-shirt.
The following 500 will receive a V.I.P. upgrade.

This happening will take place on the 3rd of December 2016.
This limited offer only applies for visitors who obtain their tickets via the Cyndium website.
Regular tickets cost €50,- (ex fee)
V.I.P. tickets cost €66,66 (ex fee) SOLD OUT!

Tickets will be available at Cyndium website and at all Primera stores in the Netherlands.

Energetic Dance Only


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