Event details

  • DATE /1 April 2015
  • TIME /22:00 - 05:00
  • ADDRESS /Amsterdam Studio's, Amsterdam

Line up

F.Noize vs. Spitnoise
Andy the Core vs. Dave Dope
Bartoch (live)
The Punisher
Wars Industry
The Unfamous vs. Hardbouncer
Unrest vs. Tharoza

Hosted by: Mc Jeff

Area 2: (Hosted by Toxic Sickness Radio)

Skullfuck3r vs. Accuser
Psycho Killer vs. Epic Noise
Stampede vs. Lady Bex

Event information

Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of history in the making!

Ticket sale:
Presale regular tickets €22,- (ex fee)
Tickets for Falcon are available at cyndium.com/tickets, Facebook.com/cyndium and nationwide at all Primera shops.

Falcon – The Tempo Tantrum of Hardcore

At Cyndium, we constantly strive to express our creative and innovative minds. We do that by putting all of our energy together to provide you with everything that you desire in a fun, enthralling and high quality event. We are always looking for fresh and exciting ways to develop our ever-expanding scene. Our goal is to acknowledge the desires of our dedicated fan base and we are about to do exactly that all over again!

Are you ready to feel your heart pounding in your chest as the almighty up-tempo kick-drum courses through your veins, feel your blood pressure rise while the next-level lasers scan the room, tracing your eager eyes? Do you want to feel exhilarated by the hard, fast, dark and most talented artists in the up-tempo hardcore scene? How about experiencing all of this at the Amsterdam Studio’s on April 11th 2015 at our brand new event; “Falcon”.

Like the Falcon, Cyndium has exceptional powers of vision. We wanted to be the first to give the up-tempo hardcore scene an adrenalin-shot by acknowledging it’s popularity and giving it a main room focus! Our line up is as sharp as a razor’s edge and will absolutely guarantee excitement whilst inducing a complete tempo tantrum! Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of history in the making, come experience “Falcon”!



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