Event details

  • DATE /5 April 2015
  • TIME /21:00 - 06:00
  • ADDRESS /Number One Hardcore, Corta Franka, Italy

Line up

Area 1: Pandemonium (Early Hardcore)

Frantic Freak
Rob Gee
Dano vs. Buzz Fuzz
Waxweazle vs. Stylo

Hosted by: MC Da Mouth of Madness

Area 2: Paradox (Millennium Hardcore, Hardcore)

The Outside Agency
The Viper
F. Noize
Piccolo Kimico

Area 3: Nocturnal (Frenchcore, Early Terror)

Lethal Injection vs. Dawnbreaker
The DJ Producer
Ingler (a.k.a. Laurent Ho)
The Braindrillerz
The Destroyer


Something massive is happening at the Cyndium headquarters. We are taking our Pandemonium brand to international heights! What better way to celebrate our new journey, than to join forces for the first time with the Number One club in Brescia, Italy; renowned for housing top of the line events, just like ours. We chose Italy for the premiere of our international venture because of your unrivaled dedication to the Hardcore sound. This will be the first of many, Pandemonium is going worldwide!

Take the top bar and raise it – we are taking the high quality decoration beyond what you’d expect at the Number One – with exquisite sound quality to match. We are going all out for our first time crossing international borders and we want you to be a part of it on April 5th, 2015! Time to get pumped because we have three diverse areas; the Pandemonium area bringing out that nostalgic feeling that our brand is dedicated to providing you with, the Paradox area that will keep your body rocking until the early hours of the morning with the sound of the Millennium and finally area number three – the Nocturnal area: commanding your feet to move and your heart to race to the Up-tempo beat!

Regardless of if you are a dedicated Ruffneck soldier reporting for Hardcore duty, or you need the positive vibes of America’s passionately energetic Rob Gee, you’ll find that the Pandemonium area gives you exactly what you desire! Life is a Paradox, and so is the lineup in room two! Neophyte is here with his legendary sound, or perhaps you would like to get down a dirty to the technical masterminds; The Outside Agency?! We’re not done yet! The Nocturnal area is ready to destroy! UK rude boy The DJ Producer will deploy and annihilate you with his brand new album and Laurent Ho’s alias Ingler will demand the surrender of your passionate souls! Believe us, that is just the beginning!

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