My Biography

“I get restless when I can’t work on my music. It’s such a good outlet for my emotions”. There you have it in a nutshell. Jurwin Abbo lives for his music.
For a long time only friends and people close new that here was somebody with a unique talent. This wasn’t without reason. “I think it’s most important that you take your time and get things right. I have to be able to stand behind my music for the full 100% , Jurwin explains.” Like always this quest for sheer perfection did not come easy. Things started ten years ago when at the age of 17 Jurwin took on the challenge and difficult task of crafting quality electronic music.He learned everything there was to know about gear and software. His Amersfoort apartment fills with laughter when Jurwin thinks back of those days. “For a long timed I tried every piece of music software I could get my hands on and experimented with different styles. It was important for me that I could produce every aspect of the tracks myself.” The last couple off years things gradually started to fall into place and all the effort has resulted in a producer and live performer with a truly unique sound.This sound is best described as a combination of beat driven takes around warm melodies, blissed atmospherics & analogue (sub) bass – always jacking, mostly tripping and always around the foundations of his first love: techno. It’s a powerfull yet delicate sound that is sure to get people moving but never dull and static like many of the loop based ableton productions that are being released at the moment.