My Biography

Diego Buffoni better know as DJ D is also the executive producer behind Angels of Darkness concept. Born in Bergamo (North of Italy) on 5th december 1982, he started his music career as an hardcore producer and dj when he was only 16 years old. After couple of years (November 2000) he released his first vinyl and at the same time Hardcore Blasters label. During the 2002, he started to develop his own unique music style which resulted on the first big hit “Mankind warning”, the party-hit track played by several djs all over the Europe.

In 2004 DJ D released his first album “DB AREA” which was including all the important collaborations with some dutch headliners like Endymion (Mortal War) and The Viper (Loose Control).

On the following 3 years dj d grew his popularity all over europe, performing at any big party such as MOH, Decibel, Dominator, Hardcore 4 Life, Thunderdome, Megarave and Nightmare in Rotterdam. Beyond performances dj d start to release tracks into main labels as moh, enzyme, offensive.

2007 is the most productive year in studio, after Shock the future became a must in the dancefloor, was coming the time of Gloria and straight after Imagine…. The melody Man consacration! Dj d performances goes oversea to Australia, Usa and deeply in the old continent to Russia, uk, scotland.

2009 the Dominator’s anthem is in charge of the hardcoreblasters’s leading man, the result is an amazing atmospheric floorfillaz hat show the evolution of the sound which happend

2010 is the year of thecreation of the Hardcore Blasters Live act, what a better event than the 15 years MOH in front of more than 23.000 people!

2011 after a refreshing period in Paris, Dj D is back with some new fresh bombing tunes. State of the art with Nitrogenetics, a new bombing remix to Weapon x and Hellsystem, and new collaboration with Rayden!

Dj D, changing the future into a melodic neverend book!

But as any book somehow, somewhere, has a final chapter…. the 13th April 2013 DJ D will perform live together with all the HB team @ MOH NL for the last time ever!