My Biography

Welcome to the imminent pleasure that is pure hardcore! Terminal & Vavaculo bring enthusiasm and an undisturbed focus on great hardcore tracks. This duo is one to watch!

Still in their early 20’s, Nick Wessels (Vavaculo) and Vincent Sluijs (Terminal) have grown dedicated to the hardcore music scene. Born and raised in The Netherlands, literally breathing electronic dance music, these guys stood out in their search for a more raw and pure sound of music. Ending up in the hardcore scene was a dead-end trip.

After discovering their fondness for the loud, Vincent and Nick purchased a set of decks to dive into the world of DJ-ing. And so, DJ Terminal and DJ Vavaculo we’re introduced and quickly noticed! Building their names since 2008, Nick and Vincent are determined to give hardcore music a new meaning. Using a raw and fast way of mixing, Terminal & Vavaculo always make a good impression.
A big factor in their quick upcoming has been Thunderdome Radio. By joining the crew at a young age, they really got involved in the scene. On air and underground. When Vincent became an official host of Thunderdome Radio things really started rolling. With a large audience to present their view on hardcore music, the DJ duo got noticed to a great extent. Nature One, The Qontinent, Thunderdome, Masters of Hardcore, Hardcore4Life and Defqon. 1, things really are running for Terminal and Vavaculo. Just to think that they only started DJ-ing a couple of years ago.

What’s next? Bursting with adrenaline and proud of their sound, Terminal and Vavaculo have set target on hardcore domination. And the urge to produce their own music hasn’t been unanswered. Working on and in their new studio, time is the only factor before the names of Vavaculo and Terminal will be definitely printed in musical ink. The spot to performance-test their productions is the dance-floor, amidst the blessed environment of raw and pure hardcore. Terminal & Vavaculo, beyond sound!

Beyond the sound and into the hardcore soul.