My Biography

After his father introduced him to DJing as a child, Kevin Duane immediately fell in love. After buying his own set up as quickly as possible, he soon realised the escapist quality of music and set his mind to exploring it forever more. “I noticed that music takes my mind off of things and I like to have moments where you are separate from everything around you.” Those early experiences have informed his music ever since.

You can’t just describe Kevin as a DJ: He likes to share his own stories with the people around him to make sure everyone takes a piece of his story with them. His deep basslines, warm percussive patterns and mellow vocals sure make people dance, but they also allow them to think, and get lost in their own emotional journey on the dancefloor. Born in New York but based in Amsterdam, the young twenty something runs his own label nights, manages both Subjekt Recordings and Armada Deep and is a regular and respected face on both the local and international scene.