My Biography

A young Dutch soul who could only dream of attending the legendary Hardcore parties pictured in posters on his wall, would find himself, at only 15 years old, making the decision to devote himself – mind, body and soul, to this musical genre that he had loved from the moment he heard his first kick drum.

Danny van Rooijen’s interests in becoming a performing artist began when, after listening to various compilations, he found himself constantly frustrated about the fact that they were never exactly as he wanted them to be; there were always a few tracks that he felt didn’t fit, which sparked his determination to make his very own mix-tape. His father took notice of his new-found interest and for his 13th birthday, gave him a vinyl deck and a mixer. From that moment on, his desire to collect what he calls ‘Black Gold’, became unstoppable; though he would continuously have to face the daunting task of tip toeing past the ‘Big Bold Gabbers’ to get inside his local record shop in Delft -‘Radioactive Zone’.

After he spent years perfecting his mix, Danny became progressively intrigued by those cool little sounds that he heard weaving their way through the kick drums, and a friend of his took notice of his intrigue in 2012 and introduced him to a member of the Enzyme Records crew – Conrad Hoyer, who took him under his wing and began teaching him how to fine-tune these sounds in Cubase. The result of which would become Danny’s first release on Enzyme Records ‘A Gathering of Styles 4′ – ‘The Game’ released in 2012, which would be the year that all of Danny’s work would come into fruition, and he would become ‘The Cambion’. The Cambion has since performed on some of the world’s most reputable stages and in 2015, his music seen even more success when he released his first debut EP – ‘Hurricane’ on Enzyme Records (Enzyme 51) .

With Hardcore embedded in his soul and ever-coursing through his veins, The Cambion is a man who will show no mercy on stage, delivering hit after hit of elating Mainstream smashers accompanied by a dash of raunchy Industrial. When Danny plays out, an indescribable feeling takes hold and every ounce of his passion for this music gets communicated to the crowd through his aggressive and exciting performances.