My Biography

Most likely it was a typical Dutch grey and cloudy day when Yuri and Nils met up at high school and started talking music. Sharing similar interests the two soon teamed up to form what was to become Mindustries.

With only a computer at their disposal, the tracker scene gave them a broad and extensive creative output. One which they quickly used to its full potential. So when Enzyme Records finally heard their demo back in 2004 the official debut was a fact. Titled ‘Deus ex machina’ Mindustries delivered a set of tracks which resulted in a unique impact into the scene. Difficult to place under a fixed style or genre, the percussion driven experiments displayed a danceable yet dark ambiance.
Since then Mindustries has released various EPs and tracks through Enzyme Records. Also producing under the mysterious Enzyme X alias, Mindustries has evolved their music into a rhythmic powerhouse. Hard and distorted, driven by techno energy and an industrial grind.

The co-production ‘Forever is a long time coming’ with The Outside Agency opened up the Genosha door to Nils and Yuri. Feeling right at home from the start, work continued on a batch of brand new material. With a dive deep into their studio gear a more mature and finished sound was delivered, the result: 2009’s ‘Born of revelation’ EP featuring four brand new tracks. Marked by a sharper mix and enhanced audio dynamics, their second EP on Genosha Recordings was a fact.

Their typical hardcore sound transforms from speaker to crowd, with a non-stop occupation of loud and clear-cut beats ready to take over. Keeping the experiment flowing, Mindustries can be summed up as true next generation industrialists.