My Biography

Onne Witjes, A-lusion, has grown in the past decade, to one of the best valued artists in the hard dance scene. The typical “A-lusion” hardstyle sound reached many hardstyle fans around the world. He started his professional career in 2003 and has performed in many clubs around the world and at the most prestigious events.

How it all began
Born in Elst, Holland (on August 11th, 1983), Onne indulged his passion for music at a young age. After a few years of taking piano lessons, he bought his first turntable and keyboard at the age of 14.
A-lusion started his musical career back in 1997, experimenting and producing with tracker-based software (FastTracker II). As “OnneW” he became popular on the Internet in the so-called “tracker scene” en won several awards with his music.
In 2003, A-lusion was discovered by Scantraxx Recordz and was one of the first new young producers who got signed to the record label. Ever since the first A-lusion release, the sound has been unique, creative and inspiring to other producers. Slowly, A-lusion was given the opportunity to play his own tracks at events, which eventually lead to his succesful DJ career.

Up until today, A-lusion never decided to launch his own label. Therefor A-lusion released his music at various labels such as: Scantraxx Recordz, Blutonium Records, Activa Records, DJS Records, Fusion Records and Italian Hardstyle.
A-lusion is responsible for many floorfiller hits, played by all know hardstyle DJs.
Track like “Perfect it”, “Drummer Beat”, “Between Worlds”, “Veritas”, “Atlantis”, “Visual Perception” and “Don’t Wanna Know” are considered to be the absolute hits within the hardstyle sound. His track “Perfect It” even made it into the official Dutch Dance Charts Top 20 back when it was released in 2006.
A-lusion did collaborate with artists like Brennan Heart, Luna, Scope DJ, Zatox & MC Villain. Besides this A-lusion made remixes for Zany, Brooklyn Bounce and others.
Since his first release in 2003, his music has been released on 30 different vinyl releases and 200 compilation cds. With over 75 different tracks, A-lusion made a huge contribution to the hardstyle sound as it is today.

DJ career highlights & memorable gigs
His first absolute highlight was playing in a sold-out Heineken Music Hall (Amsterdam) in 2004, at the age of 20.
In 2007-2008 he has been the resident DJ of the successful Scantraxx World Artist Tour (SWAT).During this tour, the Scantraxx recordz artists toured around the world every week with A-lusion present as resident DJ.
Besides playing in his home country, Holland, the dutch DJ also played in Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, England, Switzerland, Austria and Australia.
A-lusion performed on the most prestigious and biggest events suchs as DefQon.1, Q-base, InQontrol, Reverze, Hardbass and X-Qlusive. An absolute highlight was performing in front of a 30.000 people crowd during Qlimax 2009 in the Gelredome in Arnhem (Holland).

Second Identity & other projects
In the end of 2009, A-lusion launched a new project together with Scope DJ, called “Second Identity”. With a debute performance on “HardBass 2010” in front of 20.000 people, their “Second Identity” was born. This successful project lead to his first official artist album called: A-lusion & Scope DJ present: Second Identity. The success of the album, lead them to many clubs and countries around the world.
Mid 2011, A-lusion and Scope DJ decided to focus on their solo careers again and keep their “Second Identity” alias exclusive for special album performances.
A-lusion also produced as D-vided, Sylenth, Quantum Force and Digital Delusion.

Scantraxx Radioshow / Podcast
In the summer of 2010, his own radio show in collaboration with Scantraxx Recordz was launched. Each month, tens of thousands hardstyle lovers listen to the podcast on various radio stations. The podcast edition of the radioshow, often hits the iTunes Podcast charts.
In his radioshow, A-lusion presents the latest Scantraxx releases and gives other Scantraxx DJ’s the opportunity of promoting their music by doing an exclusive one hour guestmix.

Out in The Open
In 2012 A-lusion launches a new solo album series called: Out in The Open. With this digital album series he presents his inspiration and new tracks every six months.
Music, in whatever genre imaginable, is always made to entertain and guide us on our path of life. Whether it’s pop, rock or harddance music, it’s purpose is the same. A-lusion will share his vision on hard dance by breaking boundries and blending different styles together in his unique harddance sound. So basicly any real world or synthesized sound can be expected in the album series.

New and Social Media
Being an Internet enthusiast, A-lusion is always pioneering new (social) media. His YouTube channel has over 12.000 members and 500.000 views. His “Second Identity” album is made available as iPhone App. In 2010 A-lusion made a special video series called: “On Tour with A-lusion” in which exclusive back- and onstage footage of his gigs was shown.