My Biography

Vandal!sm got in touch with Hardcore in the early 90`s. Playing hardcore at home on cassettes and videotapes  motivated him to become a DJ himself. With his first job at the age of 15 he earned enough money to buy his first set of turntables and a load of vinyl. After a few years of home practice and playing at local festivals and bars he wanted more and also started producing his own music. Learning everything the hard way by trial and error. But besides that he also started throwing parties with close friends, from which he also gained a lot of experience as a resident DJ which eventually gave him enough exposure to get noticed by major labels and events across the globe. Still as passionate as in the very beginning he is ready to level up once more. Vandal!sm is here to stay. Passion = key to succes.

Performance highlights:
Falcon (NL)
Harmony of Hardcore (NL)
Ground Zero Festival (NL)
Tomorrowland (NL)
The Qontinent (BE)