My Biography

Experiencing the ropes of being a DJ, the young TBS learned firsthand that mixing Hardcore is certainly not as easy as one would think. Overwhelmed by the difficulty of being a professional DJ, she decided 5 years ago that if she were to touch a CD player again, it would either be with full commitment or nothing at all.
This conviction as well as her immense fascination for the artists and the raging distorted beats that go along with this scene continued to grow. Eventually she managed to convince herself enough to empower her opinion.
It resulted in purchasing her very own CD-players with the end result of learning how to become a skilled and professional DJ.


Only 2 years ago this decision was made, but it opened a door to a world she quickly realized was always meant to be her true home. Not long after that, she got her first few bookings. The first booking provided her with an ample supply of positive responses which subsequently pushed her passion to the next level, resulting in a 2nd place in a Hardstyle contest and a 3th place in a Hardcore DJ contest.
TBS her most memorable moment up till now was playing at Synthetic 1.0, a fully sold out gig, where she played with tingling goose bumps all over. Just as noteworthy is her achievement of becoming a Resident DJ for Gabber.FM as well as Toxic Sickness Radio.

As TBS, she plays Mainstream, uptempo Hardcore with some daring choices to blend in Industrial Hardcore, Frenchcore and even Terror to keep her sets freshly diverse. The choice to experiment with a wide range of Hardcore sub-genres seemed to have struck the right chords, as it moved TBS towards seriously considering producing music herself.
So the next logical decision was following a course on how to be a producer. Her dream is to learn how to effectively combine all the earlier mentioned styles into something new and original. You would be wise to keep a close eye on her as she might eventually surprise us all.