My Biography

T-Junction & Rudeboy (2014)

These two brothers got obsessed with house music from the early 90’s and started collecting tapes and cd’s from that time on. At the end of the 90’s they decided to start DJ’ing and success came very quickly. They tore the roof off at Masters of Hardcore, Thunderdome, Bassleader, Syndicate and rocked the open air on events like Defqon.1, Dominator, Mystery Land, Decibel, Q-Base, Nature One and many others. Their style works very effectively when they are behind the decks and they spend a lot of time in their studio. “Cosmic Dreamer” ,”The Flow (Remix)” and “How Soon We Forget” are just a few “Echoes of Memories” of these guys who still haven’t arrived at their “Arena of Destiny”.