My Biography

The Spanish Adrien, known in the scene as NeoX, created his love for the harder styles through his love for good music. He was eager to learn how to play vinyl records on some “really bad acoustic control turntables.” He then invested in a few techniques and went on to fulfill his desire: learning how to produce the captivating style.

NeoX adores all music. He experiments with different styles in all musical spectrums. He has no style restrictions, but by injecting his Cubase productions with eclectic sounds to produce the best Hardcore sounds, Hardcore is definitely a definite part of his craft.

Neox focuses his eyes on quality sound and perfects his music in such a way that anyone else looks meager by comparison. After three years of non-stop studio work, an artist appeared: NeoX. His confidence grew and his goals were set. He achieved great success musically and with performances all over the world.

Wherever Adrian goes, his goal is to let the Hardcore world witness his overwhelming infallible energy and to make his passion for music feel to everyone. He does this with his aggressive but emotional music