My Biography

Dion Methorst, better known as Mc No-iD, came in touch with the harder styles after he visited some events in his hometown IJselstein.
During one of those events he grabbed the microphone, just for fun and started to perform.
Because of his great and enthusiastic vibe, he got a lot of positive feedback from the crowd.
Since that day he decided to use the mic more often and Mc No-iD was born in the year 2011.

At this point he is already a respected artist with an impressive list of events that he rocked on his own particular way.
From Crystal Venue to North Sea Venue, from Together we are Hardcore to Decibel Outdoor Festival.
No room is too big for this hard, rough, and energetic youngster.
So watch out for Mc No-iD!
Because sooner or later you will see him rocking the stage…
like a boss!