My Biography

Maarten Prinsen was born in 1989 in Winterswijk (NL). As a little kid he was already interested in making music. He started playing the keyboard and formed a little band with some friends. Mainstream music wasn’t the kind of music he liked though. But at that age – and with no internet connection – he didn’t know about the existence of all the different kinds of music in the world.

Then he met house music somewhere around the year 1998. He knew that this was his kind of music, especially the harder and darker styles. After some years he started producing his own hardcore tracks. He also bought a DJ set, started collecting vinyls and after a while he got booked on various small raves.

After a few years he discovered the label Cenobite Records, which has its unique sound – often called trancecore or psycore. He immediately fell in love with this sound and started producing this kind of hardcore as well. After a couple of years he sent a track to Michel Klaassen, owner of the Cenobite label. Michel contacted him to send all of his tracks for a CD he was about to release (Machines In Motion Volume 2). Now he is proudly producing for his favorite label.