My Biography

KetaNoise is a DJ and Producer from Italy. The love for Frenchcore started for him in 2007. A friend of his played “Radium-Terminal Trauma” in the car and KetaNoise immediately fell in love with this great sound. After this he listened to his first tracks, mixed and learned more about this music.

After some unofficial releases, in August 2012 KetaNoise came out with his first EP on Headfuck Records with ‘Ketamine for your ears”, then another EP still on Headfuck labeled ‘Ultranoise”.

From there on, he has brought a lot of new productions on label as Not Easy Tunes and Chosen Few Records, and international collaboration with many artists and MC’s.

Pump Up the Volume and turn on bass Frequency !

In 2017 Ketanoise joined Square 1 Agency and started to work with them on more new projects. He has played In the last few years on several large international events in The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland,Austria, etc. such as Pandemonium, Ground Zero, Reng Deng Deng, Complete, RGB, Frenchcore s’il vous plaît.