My Biography

Dj Baba (Martijn van Langen) started to play his music in 1990. Martijn prefers to play his music in a freestyle on vinyl records with 3 turntables. He organised his own events in local clubs.

In that way he created his own public in the underground scene. So he was a promoter, dj and event-manager at the same time.

He created concepts like :

1000% Hardcore, Hard in Nederland, Platinum, Rebirth and Trance Nation : the future sound of trance.

Together with friends, acquaintances and other organizers, he has given the following concepts : Old School House Classics, Druids of Sound, Hard Time, Ground Zero, Hard Drive, Music and Dance,

House Nation, Platinum, Classified. These events were given in: Hemkade48, Melkweg, Roothaanhuis, Akhnaton, P60, Lexion, Latido, Waakzaamheid, Party Centrum Osdorp

Martijn has performd at events such as : Ground Zero Festival, 2 Fast 4 Trance, Illegal Vibes, Legalize Street Parade, Ravers Religion,