After he delivered our fantastic Reng Deng Deng anthem, ‘Embrace the Darkness’, we thought that we’d delve a little deeper into the mind of a man with endless ambition, passion and nothing but love in his heart for ‘real Hardcore’; The Empire, from The Third Movement.

Hello César! We always see you pushing the phrase ‘real Hardcore’. What do you consider ‘real hardcore’ to be?

Hello everyone =)
For me, this is easily answered. When I say “real Hardcore”, I am referring to the kind of Hardcore that is strong, powerful and deep. A unique kind of music that can be danced to without limits or barriers; only freedom. A music style that has been created to be felt by the heart.
I remember when I started to listen to this kind of music, I was only 7 years old. I remember perfectly what I felt when I played Hardcore for the first time. The first emotions, the first feelings and those emotions were, are, and will always be the ingredients that inspire of all my work.

How did it feel when Cyndium approached you to create ‘The Heretic Anthem’ for Reng Deng Deng?

I felt REALLY shocked when Cyndium asked me to make this anthem for them.
Being sincere, I couldn’t imagine being asked to make an anthem the second year as a professional in this industry, but I suppose that I must be doing something right to have received this opportunity haha.
It’s a big pleasure for me to be the one responsible for creating “Embrace The Darkness”, and to be part of this event, for sure. It’s not my first time playing for the Cyndium crew and I’m very grateful to them for their continued support. It’s proof that the industry believe in new talents, and the future of this musical style.

The past couple of years, we have noticed that a lot of extremely talented artists have been emerging from Spain. Is Hardcore a widely accepted genre in your country?

Well, I think that a lot of new talented artists are growing all over the world. Something that Terminal & Vavaculo focus on in their radio program on The Third Movement, “Hardcore Around The World” for example. It’s awesome to see that so many different people in so many different countries openly embrace this music.
It’s true however, that in the last 2-3 years, some of them, are Spanish.
Of course, it’s a big pleasure for me to see that so many new names from big labels are Spanish and I feel really proud that some of them are my good friends, my warriors in this battle, brothers in my musical family.
I always say that the new Spanish artists need to be supported at the local Spanish parties and events, like the rest of the world supports all of us. All of us are trying to preserve Hardcore in our country, and working to try to keep it alive in the rest of the world of course.
Proof of this support is a new project that The Third Movement and I are working on for all of you. We are working on a podcast that will specifically showcase Spanish artists and what they love. I can’t tell you more than that because the cake is in the oven for the moment, but I can say that this project will be realized in 2015.

Finally Cesar, give us a phrase that defines your feelings about Hardcore.

I think that the best phrase that defines my feelings about Hardcore is a phrase that Minckz wrote for my last EP, “The Prophet” on The Third Movement. After a conversation about what inspired me to make this EP, she said; “So, it’s message is to preserve the real meaning of Hardcore through diversity!” I couldn’t have expressed my feelings any better than that. Everything that I feel about Hardcore is portrayed in every element of my productions. The magic of music is that you can communicate every emotion through it and I love to share my feelings with the world.
Thank you for the opportunity to express myself to an audience and I hope that everyone enjoys ‘Embrace the Darkness’! See you at the party!!!
One hug.
César. (The Empire)

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