We started from a rebellious position. To bring energetic sounds back on the dance floor was our mission.

We started a movement and created unity

Now 10 years have past
It became the leading (art) hardcore event of it’s kind
Now it is a mutual feeling in al of us
Uniting past present and future
We are united, all is one
You became members of HARDCORE!
You are members of …….
We will dominate on The 6th of december 2014 in the Sporthallen in Amsterdam
Be a part of the cult , be a part of the movement
Be a part off…….

The line-up :

Area 1: Pandemonium (Earlyrave/Early Hardcore)

Rob Gee vs. Lenny Dee vs. Delta 9 vs. Omar Santana
Frantic Freak vs. Mystery Guest
Darkraver vs. Waxweazle vs. DJ Stylo
Ruffneck vs. Leviathan vs. Arjuna
Hardcore United (Promo vs. Predator vs. Buzz Fuzz )
ShadowLands Terrorists (live)
Laurent Ho vs. Manu le Malin
The Outside Agency (live)
Hitmachine (Vince vs. Sequence & Ominous vs. Painbringer)
Stanton vs. Pavo vs. Rob
Mc Da Mouth of Madness

Area 2: Paradox (Millennium Hardcore,Hardcore)

Promo vs. D-Passion
Mad Dog vs. Art of Fighters
Endymion (Supreme Intelligence set)
The Viper vs. Ophidian
Base Alert (Outblast vs. Catscan)
DaY–mar vs. Unexist
Stunned Guys vs. Tommy Knocker
F-Noize vs. Spitnoise
Nico & Tetta

Area 3 : Nocturnal (Frenchcore from 2000 untill 2014)

Dr. Peacock vs. Marcus Decks
Lethal Injection vs. Dawnbreaker
The Sickest Squad vs. Radium
The Braindrillerz vs. The Bitreactors(live)
Johnny Napalm vs. HardT3K-Tic
Sandy Warez vs. SRB
Randy vs. Sirio
Le Bask vs.Brutal Jesters
Vendettah vs. Mr.Ivex

Area 4 : Chamber of Terror (Early Terror)

The Dj Producer ( up tempo set)
Dano (Liza N’ Eliaz set)
The Speedfreak
Gabba front Berlin
The Destroyer
The Untitled
Speedfolter vs. The Hitman

Area 5: Square 1: (All styles of Hardcore,)

The Empire
Terminal & Vavaculo
Do you want to play at Pandemonium, send us your demo. Check the Cyndium website for more info.

Entree kaarten:
Reguliere Kaarten kosten €50,- (ex fee)
V.I.P. Kaarten kosten €66,66 (ex fee)
Kaarten zijn verkrijgbaar bij www.cyndium.com/tickets en alle Primera shops.

Minimum leeftijd 18 jaar


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