My Biography

With his mystical and devious alter-ego, The Wishmaster is actually a pretty down to earth person.
Letting his music do the talking, Fulvio Stramaccioni has been going strong ever since his debut
release. It was the year 2000, the Italian hardcore scene was booming at full volume and suddenly
The Wishmaster name appeared on D-Boy Records. The 10-inch ‘Let’s run riot’ did indeed run a riot
and earned Fulvio a resident spot at the infamous Gheodrome club in Rimini, Italy. After years of
playing at underground raves in Rome, The Wishmaster finally found his momentum! It didn’t take
long before he crossed Europe and beyond to make his appearance at raves like Defqon1, Masters Of
Hardcore, Pandemonium and Ground Zero.
Ever since, Fulvio has been working solid in the studio creating his vision of hardcore, dark and fierce.
His style is accessible, melodic and yet he never fears a little sharp edge through the music. The
Wishmaster has worked together with some of the greatest names in the scene, including Nosferatu
and Promo. Other interesting cooperations include ‘Tales from the white widow’ with Life Runs Red of
Armageddon Project or his remix for Delta 9s ‘No more regrets’.
Leaving no soul unturned, The Wishmaster is a valuable addition to the Italian hardcore movement.
His sound is fresh, his skills as a performer proven with ease. Now get ready for the next level!