My Biography

Born in a musical family, Erik is no exception. However, he chose quite a different path in music than his parents.

At the age of 11, Erik learned to play the guitar. It didn’t take too long for him to choose a diffent path though. After a few months, the guitar was replaced by music producing software.

After doing french tek, jumpstyle and hardstyle Erik took a break from producing music when he was 16. Around his 18th birthday Erik started producing music again and started dj-ing too. He quickly found out he had too much energy for the genres he did and switched to hardcore. Hardcore and all it’s subgenres appeared to be the kind of music Erik could unleash his energy in.

His first and second EP have been released at Saw Blade records. The first one was called ‘Hide and Seek” and contained four solo tracks and one collab. The second one was called ‘Twisted” and contained 3 solo tracks and a remix.

Winning several DJ contests and playing at some events, Erik proved he’s able to spin a rocking set. Bringing you the deepest kicks, freakiest sounds and highest BPM’s.