My Biography

Rocco Ronaldo, known as Immutek, was born in 1996 in Rotterdam. When he first listened to EDM, a whole new world opened up for him. He mainly listened to Hardtek, Raggatek, Jungletek, and Tekno.

Later he discovered the Hardcore scene. It started with a specific set during Dance2Eden of Ruffneck vs. Leviathan vs. Philosopher. After a difficult period, Rocco started producing music with FL Studio in 2017 under the name Immutek. He started with a certain kind of Techno, after which he would develop into Gabber/Early Hardcore.

Immutek has already released several records. You may know him from ‘Breaking Eardrums’. His collaborations with Redlock are also doing well. They released ‘Masterpiece’ and ‘Back Together’ together.

Immutek has also released records on labels like Darkshark Industries IGL and Speedcore Worldwide. At Mokum, records have been released on vinyl.
Rocco is also part of a sound system called ‘Kontrast Soundsystem’. They also organize their own parties. Kontrast Systems strives to combine different electronic music genres to create synergy. Those three main genres are Psytrance, Tekno, and Drum & Bass.

At the moment Immutek is mainly concerned with equalization and compression, to make his sounds as pure as possible. He can learn a lot from this and is open to tips and tools. He will work hard to realize a studio with his hardware.