My Biography

Igneon System, born and raised in Belgium, started his love for music in the 90’s. An interest which
turned into DJ-ing when Davy Vereecke took on drum ‘n bass vinyl, mixing it up with hardcore.
Together with his hometown friends they raided the decks at local parties and the tone was set.
Following his growing passion for music, Igneon System got interested in the power of production.
Controlling crowds by, first up programming electronic patterns of rhythm, Davy bought himself a
little studio to explore the production process. In that period he discovered his own sound, a
combination of UK Hardcore, hip-hop and drum ‘n bass influences. It didn’t took link before people
started to notice this energetic mixture of sounds. His first official recognition came in the form of
signing his first record at Elektrokut in 2008, followed with ‘Fearcrawler’ on Pandemonium. A track
which was also featured on the Operation Obliterate mix-CD The DJ Producer mixed for Augiogenic.
Since, Igneon System has released tracks on Rebelscum, Audiodamage, Nekrolog1k, Cheeze Graterz,
Scare Tactics, Motormouth and Neurotic Waste. Near-future plans include releases at labels like The
Third Movement, PRSPCT and Industrial Strength.
Armed with a powerful live-set full of Nekropower, the hybrid mixture with clanging snares & brutal
bass power, Igneon System quickly got respected and played at almost every location in Belgium. His
sets have caught on at Liberty White, Club r_AW, Dissonant Festival, Bug Klinik, Breakcore Gives Me
Wood, Ground Zero, The Qontinent, QORE 3.0 and many more.