My Biography

Dawnbreaker pumps hard frenchcore kicks against your eardrums on parties & festivals near you! – Proudly part of a DJ duo with Lethal Injection.

The very first time I got in contact with house music was in the year 1988 when I was scanning my radio for nice tunes. In that time I was a huge fan of synthesizer music, and when I was surfing through the radio channels, I stumbled upon a radio show with similar synthesizer music, but with a kick & bass added to it. My love for house music was born!

10 years old and a big fan of house music I started taping every radio show, to play the tapes later on my Walkman. After years of expanding my tapes collection, finding more radio shows and witness the hardcore sound being born, I was finally old enough to go to a house party! It was a hardcore party off course!! Back in 1993 I was listening to the hardcore music at high volume pumping to the speakers at the dance floor, this was a slight taste of heaven for me! Hardcore sounds thrown through the speakers by the DJ, who kept the crowd and me fascinated and excited all evening long. By every move of the cross fader of the mixer and with every crossover of the vinyl was wonderful to experience. DJ’s are magical… I wanted to be a DJ too…!

Up I went to the record stores in Amsterdam: Attalos Records, Outland Records, Midtown, Dance Tracks and more… Every Thursday evening and most of my Saturday I spent there listening to all those wonderful hardcore tunes pressed on vinyl. In Attalos Records I met 1 of my heroes: Mark Vos – DJ Buzz Fuzz who gave useful tips and tricks along my visits there. My vinyl collection was growing by the week and I saved up money to buy my first Technics SL 1210 MK2 and mixer. Together with a very old Lenco vinyl player my first DJ set was a fact! Almost every day I spent behind the wheels of steel alone or together with my friends – what a wonderful time! Later on I bought my second Technics SL 1210 MK2 and now I owned a professional set. Boom bass, boom boom bass! I drove my parents crazy with my hardcore sounds, but I was becoming a real DJ, yeah baby!

In 1996, the booming years of early hardcore, I got the opportunity to play at smaller parties in the neighborhood. This was a really great experience because nothing beats the sound of the records played by yourself slamming really hard through the speakers and see party people dance to it!

2005 was the year I met my best friend and colleague DJ Dave Hoogeland – DJ Lethal Injection. From the start there was a great feeling in mixing. When I played a record, Dave always had the right answer to it, and not much later we agreed to start partnering up – a new DJ duo had been born! We played early rave at many smaller parties together, and always knew what the party crowd wanted to hear. During that period our interest began to grow towards the frenchcore sound, and not much later we were pumping frenchcore kicks through the speakers! People started to notice us and party organizer Cyndium placed us at a Reng Deng Deng Party in de Waerdse Tempel in Heerhugowaard. Our first bigger party was a fact and from there we’ve played on regular base on Pandemonium, RRD, Nocturnal and many other parties.

I’m moving the crowd with every sweep of my cross fader and every booming beat I throw through the speakers, hoping to give the crowd the same feeling, fascination and experience I had those many years ago, something magical…