My Biography

Joyce Eijssen got infected with the hardcore virus at the age of 12 when she attended high school.Performing as an artist wasn't even on her mind back then. That all started when a friend hosted a party at the local pub in September 2010. He put Amada on the flyer after joking around about it. But what started out as a joke quickly turned into an obsession. She defines her style as mainstream with a rough edge. Mixing up both older and new tracks gives a fine blend of noise that a lot of people have come to love. Playing at parties like Harmony of Hardcore and a guest appearance during Drokz's set at Q-Base are Joyce's personal highlites.
With every performance she pushes herself to doing the best she can. Her talent and the amount of effort she put into her newfound passion didn't go unnoticed. In case you haven't noticed, Amada is one to keep an eye on!