My Biography

Manuel Tessarollo aká Dj Activator is one of the most active producers in the electronic music business and is a true jack of all trades when it comes to music. His pseudonyms are so numerous that after mentioning; Overdrive, Manuel Es, DJ Mantes, Ultrasonic, Megaphone, DJ Kraftune, T/78, Knockout,Outlaw we still left out more than half of them.

His label “Activa” Records is one of the best selling in the Hardstyle scene with support from all key players in the scene. His sets as DJ Activator are pumping hard, with uplifting sounds which combines the best of Hardstyle with the harmonies of Trance. With this trademark of energetic melodies and bouncing beats he’s one of Europe’s key players in the Harder Styles. With a long list of festivals under his belt DJ Activator will continue his rise to fame.
Defqon 1, Hardbass, Q-base, Decibel, Emporium, XXlerator, Syndicate, Dance Valley, Ground Zero, GigaDance, The Qontinent etc etc…
The future of the harder styles lies in the hands of this Italian monster producer!

No one can resist the sounds of the Activator!