At the end of this year Pandemonium will return to the Hardcore Temple: Sporthallen-Zuid. On the 1st of December 2018 Cyndium will bring more than 90 artists to six areas. Do you want to party one last time in this legendary location where the Hardcore began? We advise you to be quick with purchasing your tickets as the ticket sale is going faster than the years before. This edition will sell out!
V.I.P. tickets are already sold out. So buy now or cry later.
This year there will be an extra area in the form of a silent disco. The silent disco will bring 3 different styles of music. Now you have the chance to visit the Falcon area in two area’s due to the live connection. This means that the old Falcon area will have live music like you’re used to and in area 6 the silent disco.
Besides that there will be two extra channels in the silent disco.
Channel 1: Uptempo Hardcore (Falcon, live connection with area 4)
Channel 2: Industrial Hardcore (Area 6)
Channel 3: Surprise


Area 1: (Pandemonium) Early Rave & Early Hardcore:
Pandemonium legends (Dano vs. Sequence & Ominous vs. Miss Zelda vs. Cek)
Lady Dana vs. Frantic Freak
The Twins art core vs. Painbringer
Marc Acardipane aka PCP (live)
Vince vs. The Darkraver vs. Waxweazle
Leviathan vs. Predator
Lenny Dee vs. Delta 9 vs. Jappo
MD&A (Live)
Rob Gee  & Friends live (25 year anniversary set)
Resonant Squad
MC Tha Mouth of Madness

Area 2: (Paradox) Millennium Hardcore:
Evil activities vs. Korsakoff
Endymion vs. Nosferatu
Stunned Guys  vs. Tommyknocker
Ophidian vs. Tymon
The Viper

Area 3: (Nocturnal) Frenchcore:
Dr. Peacock
Skull Demon vs. Ketanoise
Le Bask
Randy vs. Sirio
Fant4stik (Live)
Maissouille vs. Psiko
Hungry beats
Pattern J

Area 4 & Silent Disco: (Falcon) Uptempo Hardcore:
DRS vs. MBK vs. NSD
Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz
Sjammienators vs. Toxic Inside
Chaotic Hostillity vs. System Overload
Meccano Twins
Underground Vandalz vs. A-kriv
Naughty Kicks vs. Aggressive
MC Impact

Area 5: (Chamber of Terror) Early Terror & Terror:
Drokz vs. Akira (Early Terror set)
Noisekick vs. The Destroyer (Early Terror set)
Tripped (Live)
SRB vs. The Vizitor (Early Terror set)
Gabba Front Berlin (Early Terror set)
Deterrent Man
Kurwastyle Project

Area 4 & 6 : (Silent Disco – Serenity) Uptempo hardcore & Industrial Hardcore:
Thrasher vs. Detest
The Outside Agency

Due to a new entrance construction we can assure you that you don’t have to wait as long as last year. We’ve made several changes to reduce the queue.

Improved sound
Due to a new policy from the government the sound system from last year wasn’t as great as all other editions. At this final edition in the Sporthallen-Zuid we will have improved the sound system so everyone can enjoy Pandemonium as it should be. We’ve found multiple solutions to solve this problem.

There will be an extra merchandise stand to prevent long queues.

Food area
The food area has been relocated to the front of the Sporthallen-Zuid.



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