“Pandemonium – The Darker & Rougher Side of Early Hardcore

On March 7th, 2015, we are going back to our roots for an exclusive edition of Pandemonium – The Darker & Rougher Side of Early Hardcore, at Amsterdam Studio’s! – Legendary. That is the word that will be repeated when this party is over. To celebrate this special edition back where it all began for us, it’s time to show our supporters some appreciation and make you an exciting offer that you cannot refuse!

How would you and a friend of your choice like to fly to Brescia, Italy with the Cyndium crew for one night and join them for Pandemonium, the Italian edition at the fantastic Number One club? What if we told you that we were going to pay for that flight and that hotel, give you VIP access and oh I don’t know, give you and your friend a Pandemonium jogging suit and Cyndium goody bags? Is that enticing enough for you?

After the massive success of our last edition; a SOLD OUT 10 Year Anniversary, we wanted to give you the opportunity to win this jaw-dropping prize! How do you win? The pre-sale for Pandemonium -The Darker & Rougher Side of Early Hardcore edition will begin on December 24th 2014 at 10am. From the time they go on sale, until the 5th of January, 2015, those of you who purchase your ticket online at www.cyndium.com/tickets during that time, will automatically be entered to win the prize! Tickets are only €32,50 (ex fee)! The insanely lucky winner will be chosen after the new year!

Our next level production is something that can never be missed and you will be witness to this excellent standard across 3 electric, fun-filled areas doing what we do best; showcasing the best of Early Hardcore, Millennium Hardcore and Frenchcore specializing in the harder edge this time around. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this exclusive event! Tickets will not last long!”

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