November the 16th there will be a new edition of Pandemoniun, the dance event that is to everyone with a heart that beats on the beat of hardcore music. The ones who visited the event last year can confirm that the pronunciation feast is an understatement for this event. This year we have some positive changes concerning the location and the styles of music of Pandemoniun – Physical Readmission. Not only will we continue to provide high quality music and sphere, this year we will also inspire you with the theme of the event.

The 16th of November will be a golden combination of various and stunning music and we will amaze you by entering the wonderful world that we have in mind for you. We want the visitors to open all their senses and feel the transformation by entering the temple of hardcore. We want you to have that nervous feeling, remember your first day at school or your first kiss …… and then… PANDEMONIUM!!

A combination of experience and music will be the headline of the evening. To make you just as excited as we are, we will give you a start up.

Keep your feet on the ground! This year Pandemonium will expand. The early terror area is bigger and we have added a Psytrance area. Different areas will increase the labyrinth effect of the Sporthallen Zuid. You are not obligated to bring a compass, but it will come in handy. That is not all. The scaffolds will be moved to the main stage. If you are asking yourself what that means: we invite you to come and take a look for yourself.

We would like to see you (or your Physical readmission alter ego) on the 16th of November to share and experience our love for music. Sharing is caring!

Pandemonium, it’s a feeling within all of us!


Area 1: Pandemonium (Early Rave,Early-Hardcore)
The Dream Team
Frantic Freak
Trypticon (A.K.A, Ophidian)
Rob Gee vs. Lenny Dee
Darkraver vs. Waxweazle
Hitmachine (The People’s Choice)
Dione vs. Predator
Vince vs. Stylo
The Dj Producer.

MC Alee
MC Tha Mouth Madness

Area 2: Paradox(Hardcore from 2000 untill 2013)
Noize Suppressor vs. Anime
Evil Activities
Ruffneck vs. Ophidian
Nosferatu vs. The Viper
Promo vs. D-Passion
The Stunned Guys vs. Tommyknocker
Underground Damage

MC Jeff
MC Axys

Area 3: Nocturnal (Frenchcore from 2000 untill 2013)
Alarma Ravers
Dr. Peacock vs. Chrono
Lethal Injection & Dawnbreaker
Sandy Warez vs. Tieum
Le Bask
Johnny Napalm vs. Hardt3k-tic
The Braindrillerz
Audiokillers live (a.k.a. ,D.O.M & 3KI)

MC Tha Mouth Off Madness
MC Jeff

Area 4: Chamber of Terror (Early Terror)
Simon Underground (a.k.a Suicide Squad)
Freaky Flow

Area 5: Psy Trance/Goa
Mart Fader

Check out the trailer for Pandemonium – Physical Readmission

Ticket prices: Regular entrance ticket: €50,- (Ex. Fee) V.I.P. Tickets: €65,- (Ex. Fee).
Tickets are being sold at:, and all Primera stores.

V.I.P Tickets: (VIP Tickets are sold out!)
V.I.P. on Pandemonium includes the following:
– Free lockerbox for 2 persons
– V.I.P. deck with separate bar in the Mainstage area. This gives you an amazing view on the whole area and the crowd
– Separate and quick entrance
– Cyndium merchandise goodie at entrance of the event (limited amount of goodies)

Other information and social media:
Keep an eye on the website for new information about Pandemonium – Physical Readmission.

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Cyndium, Energetic Dance Only

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