My Biography

Since 1985 Rob is a DJ and he has played in a lot of countries and famous parties/discos. Holy Noise performed in lots of discotheques throughout the Netherlands, also Belgium, France, Finland, Germany, “The Limelight” New York and Greece.

As Waxweazle he has played on raves like: Thunderdome, Global Hardcore Nation, Earthquake, Mysteryland, The Love Parade (2x Berlin), Nightmare in Germany and Number One in Italy. Also in: Austria, Switzerland, Eire, Russia, Spain and Ukraine.

As Headbanger he has played on raves like Megarave, Hellraiser, Masters of Hardcore (Italy, Germany and the Netherlands), Nightmare (Germany), Resistance Party (Los Angeles USA), Energy Parade (Switzerland), Evolution 8 (Switzerland), Love Parade (Vienna), Number One, Gheodrome, Fila Forum (Italy), France, Spain, Russia, USA, United Kingdom and so on.