My Biography

Zik van Herwaarde Aka Tharoza was born on the fifth of December 1994 in The Hague.
Since his eleventh year he’s listening to electronic music a lot which he loved.
Hardtechno, Hardstyle and Hardcore, but he also liked hip-hop.
On his thirteenth he started to experiment with Magic Music Maker together with his brother.
He liked it a lot and he started to make more music and learn more about it. It resulted in hip-hop beats at first.
He started DJ-ing on his fourteenth and experimented with a lot of different styles but hardcore won, because he liked that the most.
In 2012 he started to make serious productions and his first track was a mix of reggae, hip-hop and hardcore, the track was called “Rock to the Rhythm” and was released on the album “Paul Elstak – Chase your dreams” it reached the second place of the Hardtunes top 100.
Tharoza is now working hard to reach his place in the hardcore scene. He played in Italy, Germany and all over Holland. He had a number of releases which all reached the top ten.
So now he is ready to show the world his Hardcore sound. Get ready for Tharoza!