My Biography

During this event he meets David Duriez (private la Grange resident).
From October to November 1995 they start to work together on an hardcore project which has been released on a label in Antwerp called ZOMBIE Records in January 1996.

In May 1996 Sandy works with Liza n Elliaz and they start to work on some projects for Sony Music’s Lethal Hardcore Forever, an hardcore compilation, where 4 of the tracks are produced by themselves.

2001, Sandy Warez decides to dedicate himself 100 % to producing new tracks.
In the end of 2001 he starts with a track on a Belgian label called D-Form Records.
Sandy Warez – Plass Shot E.P. is released.

The follow up comes in 2002 on Subsounds with Sandy Warez – Tibal Tricks Vol. 1, which is commercially seen quite successful.
After that a Future Frontier record comes out : Sandy Warez – Lipposusion.
And again a new Subsounds record is released : Sandy Warez – Hard Ace Vol. 1, which is also quite successful.

2003 comes and Sandy Warez starts off to be more and more active in worldwide music production.
He releases Sandy Warez – Spanish Cookies on Invasion, the label of the welknown producer Zzino.
After that again 2 very successful Subsounds which will have a very nice commercial success :

In 2004 Sandy Warez is still very active, in the beginning of 2004 he releases a vinyl on Corachi – Sandy Warez – Abrossion.
After several talks to Chris Liberator, he decides to release a vinyl on Cluster. Sandy Warez – Pression on London.

In the next months more productions will be released Hard Ace Vol. 3, Hard Ace Vol. 4, Tribal Tricks Vol. 3.
And adding to that a smashing Various Artists EP with Robert Natus, Dexter vs. Auralizer, INAF and Sandy Warez.
After some talks with Julian Sandell, he decides to release a vinyl on 4×4. Sandy Warez – Operation Fastlink.
After some talks with Paul Langley, he decides to release a vinyl on Jackstar. Sandy Warez – Immersion in Hell.
The Last New release are a vinyl on Djax Up Beats (miss djax) Sandy Warez – Brain Injected