My Biography

If you’ve ever witnessed one of Olene Kadar’s dazzling performances you must agree: this man is gifted. Sweeping floors with solid sounds and a striking stage appearance, he’s leaving a trace of believers wherever he plays. With his productions gaining support from some of the leading figures in house and techno, an international breakthrough is at hand.

Olene Kadar – born Henk van Zwol– grew up in the sparsely populated countryside of The Netherlands. Between the dikes and farms of Friesland, far away from the bustle of techno-friendly metropoles, he developed a sound quite different from his Dutch contemporaries, yet extremely relevant. The first to notice was Dapayk, signing him to Mo’s Ferry in 2008. A dream come true for Olene, who is ever more determined to conquer the world with his unique blend of futuristic techno.

Some lauded releases and many smashing liveshows down the line, Olene is hailed as one of Holland’s hottest new techno talents. It’s hard to pinpoint his exact style, since it comprises so many different subgenres and is constantly developing. ‘Every day I wake up with a new favorite artist and a new favorite style,’ Olene elaborates. ‘I try to blend all these inspirations into something people can relate to on stage.’ In the end, it’s all about inspiring others, and getting inspiration back. ‘I get goosebumps every time I watch a crowd go mental to my music.’

With Olene’s Baby Keep it Up storming the charts last summer, a bunch of releases coming up on renowned labels like Nervous records an Mo’s ferry and some great gigs to look forward to, the future is looking bright. Whichever way the road may wind. Olene is ready for al long ride. ‘I intend to stay in music until I’m either deaf as a post or totally clueless, hopefully not in another hundred years.