My Biography

DJ Miss Monica was Holland’s Leading Female DJ from 1993 – 2013. Known for her excellent music choice (house, techhouse, techno and oldschool/classisc) and flawless mixing technique! She performed at all leading and popular Festivals, Parties and Club’s in The Netherlands. With an absolute thrilling 225 gigs in the year 1997. Entertaining the party people 300%, loved by her fans for her music, energy and personality. She was inspired at a life changing moment at Berlin’s underground club Berghain in 2011. After this, she had a serious 11 months DJ depression in 2012! With her absolute love for electronic music she couldn’t function anymore as DJ Miss Monica because The Dutch scene had labeled Miss Monica in a way! With this label she good not express herself anymore in a electronic musical way! So she decided to stop DJ-ing and end the era of Miss Monica!