My Biography

Adrenokrome is currently at the heart of the future of French Hardcore. Having been influenced by the great DJs of the scene—Micropoint, Manu le Malin, and even Laurent Hô—Adrenokrome still knew how to create his own original style which propagates throughout his new maxi, « The 1013 Effect » with special mention for the remix of Ophidian’s « Butterfly ».
After the release of several maxis (under Homicidal Gang/ Astrofonik), Adrenokrome joined up with the Audiogenic crew following his victory in a remix competition using tracks by Radium/ organized by Radium. Since that time, he has released two maxis under Neurotoxic and has collaborated on numerous projects. In just a few short years he has already gained the recognition as an artist and the public’s attention.
Being regularly booked all over Europe, Adrenokrome reminds us that for each of his live appearances he is a showman beyond compare.At a time when challengers are more and more frequent, Adrenokrome proves to us with panache that there’s much more to come!