Posted on: 11-09-2017

Canceling Nocturnal The rise Abaddon

Dear visitor, we regret to inform you hereby that the edition of Nocturnal – The Rise of Abaddon has been cancelled. The civil servants of Amsterdam have decided on (date) to lower the limitation of environmental sounds to 63 Db(c) onto the next façade. The World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam can not meet these standards. This means that we can not offer you an event with three Hardcore-worthy area’s. For Pandemonium, on the 2nd of December 2017, we can comply with the new standards. GEMEENTEPLAN

For everyone who has bought a ticket for Nocturnal – The Rise of Abaddon there will be a refund made available. Within the next few days every buyer will receive an e-mail with further information. For any questions you can e-mail to info(at)

The final round of the Nocturnal Qualifiers will take placet his week. The Winner of the Qualifiers will not perform at the next edition of Nocturnal, but will earn a spot on the line-up of the official Pandemonium pre-gathering on the 28th of October, at Club Poema (Utrecht).

What does this mean for the future of Nocturnal?
At the moment we are in debate to move Nocturnal to a new location (with the possibility for an extra Early and Terror area) outside Amsterdam. The next edition of Nocturnal will unfortunately not take place this year, but somewhere in 2018.

We want to thank everyone for their continuous support this summer, your faith in the return of the concept Nocturnal and hope to (finally) meet you at the next edition of Nocturnal.

-Team Cyndium

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