Area 1:
Destructive Tendencies
Ruffneck vs.Promo
N-Vitral vs.Thrasher
Anime vs.Tommyknocker
Nosferatu vs. Furyan
Miss Hysteria
Meccano Twins
(Dj contest winnar)

Hosted by : Mc Da Mouth of Madness

Area 2: ( Frenchcore, Uptempo Hardcore, Terror, Early Terror )
The Destoyer
Nukem (The Speed Freak vs. Mutante)
SRB vs. Johnny Napalm
Frantic Freak (Early Frechcore/Early Terror set)
Aggressive vs. Cryogenic
The Vizitor
System Overload
The Accuser

Hosted by : Mc The intellectual Killer

Reng Deng Deng

Reng Deng Deng – The 10 year Anniversary – Part 2 (The Box, Amsterdam)

01-01-1970 | 22.00 - 07.00

The Box, Amsterdam

Minimum age: 16

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