The Braindrillerz

The Braindrillerz is an italian duo based in Turin founded in 2010 by two members of the “Violent Underground” crew, Sebastian and Inktomi
Sebastian, DJ/Live Performer/Producer, born in 1982, he supports the cause ” live is better”.
He started to play progressive/techno music in ’97/’98 in many parties and big clubs till 2000 when he went to his first free party
discovering a new passion for the ‘hard’ underground music.
Inktomi,DJ/Live Performer/Producer,based in, move the first step in to the music playing drums in various italian metal/hardcore bands,
till 2005 when he went to his first rave party and he discovered a new passion for electronic music.
From that day he started producing his own tracks with Reason and Ableton.
During summer 2010 they decided to join their styles in a new heavy hardcore sound, where the main characteristics are the heavy kickdrums,
melodies and angry vocals.
Their goal is to produce different music genres such as Hardtekno, Hardcore, Frenchcore and Terror although they have got an open-minded curiosity
towards all the music trying to fuse all this styles in one called Drill n Kore.
They actually released in labels like Noistorm, Noise Bomb, Ne Tunes record, Avanti records and they are waiting
to release on other main labels of the genre also with collabs with artists like Sirio and Adrenokrome.
We have a mission, spread the Drill ‘N’ Kore sound all over the world!
So stay tuned and DRILLZ ON!!

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