MC Axys

As a 12 year old boy Pieter van de Veewey also known as MC Axys dreamed about a career as a superstar dj.
After a few years of practicing with his own drive-in show he decided to buy some real turntables and a mixer.

In may 2008 Axys got the oppurtunity to play at Thunderdome radio with the wish to break trough. But that night he failed as a DJ and got discovered as an MC by the hosts of TD radio: MC Justice and MC Da mouth of Madness.
They said he must became an mc instead of a dj, so he did.
After one year he was priveleged to perform at the biggest festivals and indoor partys like Q-base, Defqon1, Masters of Hardcore, Qore 3.0, Nature One, Ground Zero etc etc.

In 2010 he went into the studio with Chrono & The Demon Dwarf to make a hardcore track, this resulted in the release of Pay for Mercy at the 16th of february 2010.
This was a big step into the right way for Axys, after that release he came in contact with other international producers.
A big highlight not to forget is the release of Destroy D Elements (with Amnesys). After the first day it already hit the first spot in the Hardtunes top 10 for more than 2 weeks.

Nowadays Axys is busy to work on a few projects with different producers, but the future will tell you wich artists.
And offcourse he’s trying to perform as much as possible, maybe soon in a club near you?!

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