Hardt3k-tic is started playing music when he was 15-years old. His love for Hardcore, express it selves in helping out of small parties in the region and visiting many great events nationwide. Five years later he decided to take place himself behind the turntables. When he started with this in 2003, he first only made mixes for private use. In his eyes most mixes those days where a lot of the same and that had to change!
Some years later he came in contact with music from Radium & the Speed freak. With this Frenchcore records it was love at first sight! Now after many gigs on small and large events al Frenchcore fans know who Hardt3k-tic is and where he stands for!

From Hardcore to Uk-Hardcore or from Tekno to Frenchcore, he can play it all in his own energetic way!

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