Catscan is one of the most respected artists in the hardcorescene. Like many other producers, he started making music on his Amiga with the famous Protracker-software. After some years, Bart sent a demo to ID&T, who recognised the talent of the youngster. His first release was on the famous Thunderdome Records label, which was quite an exclusive one, as there were only 750 copies printed of “Universal”. The record became an instant smash, also because of the track “Something Wrong?”, which featured the “Thunderdome – Hardcore Rules The World”-compilation. His second release was even bigger: “Limited 000” is one of the most wanted hardcore-releases up to this very day ( only 300 copies were printed), because of the presence of the absolute killertrack “WO III”, a dark and mysterious masterpiece that smashed every single dancefloor over the last ten years.

Besides ID&T, also DJ Promo was impressed by Bart’s skills. He asked him to feature on his fifth release on the legendary Promo File-label. Together they produced the monster hit “Midnight Impact”, which led to the definitive breakthrough for Catscan. He released several very successful 12-inches on The Third Movement and also dropped his widely acclaimed debut-album “The World Is Mine”, which featured all of his hits during his The Third Movement-era.

After being successful for many years, Catscan finally became part of the biggest hardcore family of the world, Masters of Hardcore. Masters of Hardcore was no unknown partner for mister Catscan. In the past he and Outblast produced and released several dancefloor smashes as Ojeeoink and Zoo for the mega hardcore label. To celebrate the exclusive partnership, he dropped a true monstrous release on his brand-new label “Cr8tiv Response”: the fourtracker “My First Response” became one of the most important releases of 2007. Three out of four tracks became huge smashes in the scene: “My First Response”, “Return To My Own World” but most of all “Cr8tiv Counter” drained every bit of energy from hardcore-addicts all over the world.

Besides being a very successful producer, Bart’s also one of the most respected remixers in the scene. He is responsible for brilliant remixes like Bodylotion’s “How Much Can You Take”, the infamous Alkaline 3DH’s “Fly By Wire” and of course the magnificent “Atmos-Fear” rework, that cracked every single speaker in the world. As a DJ, Bart played at almost every imaginable event where hardcore was blazing out the soundsystem: Sensation Black, Masters of Hardcore, Dominator, Thunderdome, Nightmare, Hellraiser, Bassleader… The list could continue for days. Every Catscan DJ-set is a guarantee for a unique performance, with a wide variety of hardcore tracks and an outstanding ability to rock a crowd.

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